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Book Editor

  • An opportunity to make a significant contribution in scholarly publishing
  • A highly rewarding position that increases scientific impact, recognition and prestige
  • Editors are presented with a personal picture and a short CV on the back cover of the book
  • An opportunity to publish your work for free in the edited book



  • Reviewers can request an appreciation certificate for reviewed papers.
  • Reviewers are listed alongside Editorial Board members in related published journal volume.



An associate enjoys following benefits:

  • 5% Discount on Publishing


Proposed New Edited Collection eBook
Edited collection books contain numbers of chapters on the same subject which are written by different authors and collected together in one book by an editor  or editors. They can make excellent books if they are harmonized thoughtfully and managed well.

Propose NEW Journal
We welcome proposals for new  journals in all areas of science, technology, and medicine. If you are interested in starting a new journal to provide a home for an emerging field of research or simply want to provide a fast publishing and an open access alternative to existing journals, submit your proposal for launching of a new journal. Also you can get involved with the journal as chief editor or editor.
For any queries, please contact us at [email protected].