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The Lost Gem - Three Short Stories


Prof. Wangari Mwai 


ORIC Publications




ORIC Publications

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Book Summary

This collection contains three (3) short stories derived from research findings. The main theme cutting across the three stories is survival. Despite what the characters in the stories go through, they all manage to begin a fresh!

On the Altar of Culture is a story detailing the experiences of a young and focused Swahili girl  Amina who survives being sacrificed at the culture of early and arranged marriages. The story was generated form research findings on the Unyago nuptial ritual among the Swahili communities in Kenya. Through the story, the author proposes that the society needs to be flexible enough to accommodate   social dynamism within their very deep traditional rites of passage.


No! No One But Him is a story told from the perspective of a rape survivor. The unnamed persona narrates her various experiences of rape attempts from very close male relatives to a trusted worker in her family home.  The story reveals a lot of information on possible situations that make a woman vulnerable to rape starting from family bedrooms to absence of parents. The story ends on a positive note in that the survivor is able to conclude that it is possible to trust someone who genuinely cares for you like her husband does and that although many people who we interact with may be lusty towards us, this behavior should not be generalized.

The lost Gem is derived from the author’s experience as a youth counselor, mentor and advisor. It becomes clear that young people may end up in trouble due to their emotional tenderness and vulnerability. Kogi does not intend to impregnate Wanja, however, their emotions overtake their agreements and sooner than later they become parents. Without overlooking the repercussions of such experiences, the story focuses on encouraging girls who may fall victims of such circumstances that this is not the end, one can still rise up and walk again and fulfill her dreams.

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